Rotary atomizer Aviation

At present there are aircraft with greater capacity for carrying out aerial spraying, large extensions and reduced job performance to allow time jobs at greater distances, therefore, this results in a permanent configuration of the aircraft to carry efficient and responsible spraying, the greater distances from the base off the aircraft with the culture brings challenge changing environmental conditions such as wind, temperature, etc. therefore the configuration of the aircraft on takeoff will not be efficient to do the work because of the potential change in conditions, for that Deatec developed a rotary atomizing Variable order to facilitate the configuration of the aircraft in real time, offering information about environmental conditions in the workplace and the tool instantly to carry out a decision of the pilot at the time of starting work, maintaining the uniformity of drops at all times regardless of the speed of the aircraft.

It is the only variable pitch rotary atomizer market a novel equipment for conducting aerial spraying agro-efficiently, controlling variables in real time. Combining design with technology Deatec offer tools to meet the specific objectives required by the agricultural sector today.

Very same pattern drops a rotary atomizer.

Very uneven pattern of drops of a water nozzle.

Advantages of Our Atomizer

Choosing RPM in flight
Quick Fix Settings
Drop uniformity throughout the work
Data on the prevailing conditions in place
Traceability (data download to the PC)
Minor atomizer Weight


Fully CNC machining
Made of high strength materials
Aerodynamic polyamide propellers
High quality bearings
Special Viton seals